Base Camp is one of the authentic Nepalese Food Palace in Helsinki operated by experienced staffs. We have been in restaurant business already for a decade and we know what dishes are suitable in Finnish taste buds.
Punjab Kebab was established in the year 1987 and since then its serving the Kebab needs of people of Tampere,Finland . Its a famous restaurant situated in the heart of the city. The word Punjab is taken from the Persian words panj and Āb - which are cognate with the Sanskrit words (Sanskrit: पंच) and "āp" (Sanskrit: अाप्)) that means "five" and "water", respectively, thus PanjĀb means "Five Rivers", which roughly means "Land of Five Rivers".Its currently a name of a state in India. After the partition of India in 1947, the Punjab province of British India was divided between India and Pakistan. The Indian Punjab was divided in 1966 with the formation of the new states of Haryana and Himachal Pradesh, as well as the current state of Punjab. Punjab is the only state in India with a majority Sikh population. The restaurant "Punjab Kebab" is the oldest kebab restaurant in the city of Tampere and is open on the same place from past 26 years.
One of the most popular pizzerias in Tampere, LaToore is located conviniently close to the railway station. They offer delicious pizzas, hotwings, and kebabs. With home delivery, of course.
Pizza Service is located in Hervanta, Tampere. Customer satisfaction is most important to them. They carefully make delicious pizzas and kebab from fresh ingredients.
Restaurant Salamino is located in Kaukajärvi. Please join them and feast on the best pizzas, chicken and kebabs in town.
Kepsu is one of the most popular pizzerias in Tampere. They offer delicious moments with pizzas, pasta, noodles, wings, burgers and kebab.
Restaurant Sagarmatha is located in the center of Tikkurila in Vantaa. Sagarmathas staffs extensive experience in Nepalese cuisine has created a menu that reflect the exotic tastes and styles of the Himalayas. You're most welcome!
Restaraunt Nupelda is located near the road Nekalantie, offering the people of Tampere delicious pizzas and kebabs. You're most welcome!
Kalevan Pizzeria named after the part of town which it resides in, Kaleva in Tampere. They understand the customers needs and make sure to offer delicious quality meals. The menu is filled with a variety of pizzas and kebab, chicken and hot wings. Welcome!
Härmälän Pizzeria ja Kebab is located in the Härmälä, Tampere. The menu is filled with a variety variety of pizzas and kebab, chicken meal and hot wings. Welcome!